Goodfellows’ goal of helping kids unchanged

The Goodfellows Club’s singular goal of helping children hasn’t changed in almost a century. Established in 1916, the club’s purpose is laid out clearly in its charter, signed and notarized on Sept. 21, 1935. What is also made abundantly clear, and still true today, is that every dollar donated to the club goes to help children in need — no exceptions.

The charter states in part:

“I. The name of this corporation shall be ‘The Goodfellows Club of Owensboro, Kentucky.’ …

“II. This corporation shall make no profit for its incorporators and shall earn no income on behalf of its incorporators. It shall have members at all times only such persons who are personally willing to contribute of their time and talents to the charitable purposes for which this organization is organized, without income or renumeration or profit to themselves. This corporation shall be nonsectarian and nonpolitical and has for its purpose the doing of charity and the bringing of cheer and goodfellowship to all needy persons within its reach to whom there does not appear to be any other reasonable source of such charity and without regard to their race, color, religion or political affiliation.

“III. The purposes of this corporation are, and shall be, to do acts of charity, good cheer and goodfellowship for the special benefit of needy children of Owensboro and Daviess County, to receive, accept or expend funds for charitable purposes, shoes, other articles of clothing and food for distribution to needy persons … and to do all things consistent with the raising and distribution of funds for charitable purposes in accordance with the free and voluntary impulses of the members and officers of this corporation.

“IV. … The privilege is extended to the incorporators to include as members of this incorporation such other persons as they may deem inclined toward open-handed charity, good cheer and goodfellowship, without regard to race, religion or politics, and who shall be willing to unite with the incorporators in carrying on the purposes of this organization; and admission to membership shall be upon such terms as may be prescribed by the by-laws.’’

In the years since the charter was signed, dental and medical assistance has been incorporated into the Goodfellows’ mission. But what hasn’t changed is the simple way to become a Goodfellow: To join, mail a contribution to Goodfellows Club, Messenger-Inquirer, Box 1480, Owensboro, KY 42302, by bringing contributions to the newspaper office at 1401 Frederica St. or online at

Today’s Roll Call

Previously reported …$10.367.19

Lewis Guthrie … $1,000

Medical Reserve Corps Soup Day for Kids $274

In memory of Louis Conder Sr. by Beverly and Jerry McCandless $50

In memory of Staff Sgt. Louis Anthony Conder Sr. by Pat and Maryruth Stallings $50

In loving memory of Louis Conder, Sr. by Charles Pillow $25

In loving memory of Louis Conder, Sr. by Fred and Alice Howard …$20

Jeanie Lanham …$20

Anonymous … $12

Anonymous … $5

Total as of Nov. 28 $11,823.19

Goodfellows Club of Owensboro
401 Frederica Street B203
Owensboro, Kentucky 42301