Soup Day for Kids

Your workplace can participate in a special way by designation one day as Goodfellows Soup Day. It’s easy and your co-workers will enjoy getting in the Christmas Spirit in this special way.

Goodfellows Soup Day Planning Made Easy

Step 1: Select a place (such as a canteen area) for a buffet line and another area (such as a nearby conference room) as a dining area.

Step 2: Recruit co-workers to bring a crock-pot of soup on the appropriate day (make sure there is a good variety) – about 1 pot for every 6-7 employees. You can also have employees bring sandwiches, salads or baked goods to go along with the soup.

Step 3: Get the word out by using memos, email, posters, etc…

Step 4: Provide cracker baskets, spoons, forks, napkins, bowls, cups, and plates. Employees can get thier own drinks from vending machines.

Step 5: Plug in the crock-pots about 30 minutes prior to lunch and keep the soup stirred. You may want the employees to plug in the soup at thier workstations – the aroma throughout the office makes everyone hungry and reminds them that it’s Goodfellows Soup Day!

Step 6: Collect contributions for lunch and have change on hand (suggested contribution of $5.00 per person.)

Step 7: Encourage your employer to match the amount raised.

Step 8: Clean up after the event.